Indisches Musiktheater Performance mit Edith Lettner am Saxophon, Srinwanti Chakrabarti als Performerin, Karin Bindu als Perkussionistin

Performance Live in Transition. A creative Journey into Dance and Music

The project “Life in transition” is shown as a very realistic emotional process. Life means contradictions of positive and negative emotions. Happiness gives joy, destruction breaks us, brings frustration and helplessness is combined with sadness. But the universal truth could be: time never stops for anyone, life always goes on. And so amidst all odds, humanity finds its way of coping up, finding peace, spiritual calmness and hope in life. That project tries to portray this very aspect of human reality.

The fusion of three extraordinary women in performance coming from different artistic realms such as Odissi Dance, Jazz and Percussion, is meant as an artistic experiment for research and development of the chosen theme “Life in transition”.


40-50 minutes

Technical Requirements

2 Mikros for Tablas, 1 for Didgeridoo


Tel.: 0676 7505574

Srinwanti Chakrabarti – a dancer par excellence – is not only an internationally recognized Indian classical Odissi dancer but also an innovative choreographer and dance teacher. As the founder and director of Srijathi – a center for art and culture in Paris and India – she combines research and experiment with the tradition of Odissi dance. Numerous lectures with live demonstrations, workshops and performances took her to India, the USA, Canada, England, China and several European countries. Srinwanti currently lives in Chennai.

Edith Lettner, the Austrian saxophonist, composer and painter has worked with musicians from all over the world and artists of different genres (Jazz, improvised Music, World Music). After numerous stays in Senegal and Armenia, she now commutes between Vienna, Canada and New York. Her varied experiences make her an incredibly agile musician. She also plays Duduk, an Armenian wind instrument.