Various books and journals are seen, which contain articles about Music and Ethnomusicology written by Karin Bindu.

Publications Peer-Reviewed

2021: Article. Layne Redmond’s Legacy: Digital Handprints of Female Frame Drummers. In Etnomüzikoloji Dergisi, Ethnomusicology journal Special Issue / Women Play Sing the Earth-Music and Women, 51-69. Retrieved from /wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2023/03/Layne-Redmond___s-Legacy-Digital-Handprints-of-Female-Frame-Drummers1061327-2206076.pdf

2021: Article with K. Sajith Vijayan. Kerala’s Ancient Mizhavu Drum: Transformations and Sustainability. In ASIAN-EUROPEAN MUSIC RESEARCH JOURNAL 8, pp 27-38. Logos Verlag, Berlin (D).

2019: Article in Book: Bindu, Karin & K. Vijayan, Sajith (2019). Contemporary Types of Ritualistic South Indian Mizhavu Percussion Ensembles in Kerala. In Traditional Music and Dance in Contemporary Culture(s). Ambrózová, J. – Garaj, B. (eds.). Nitra: Constantine the Philosopher University, p. 28 – 41. ISBN 978-80-558-1477-3. /wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2023/03/Contemporary_Types_of_Ritualistic_South.pdf

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Publications Reviewed by Editors and Collegues

2023: Coming soon: Article. Autoritätsverlagerungen am Beispiel südindischer Mizhavu Perkussionisten des Kerala Kalamandalam. In: Autoritätsbildungen der Musik. Hrsg. Camp, Brabec de Mori, Klebe. Published planned for 2023, Chronos Verlag.

2022: Online Publication, Url: in Panel Reading Together in a Far-Reaching Community
Applying Decolonization to Practice in Dialogues: Towards Decolonizing Music and Dance Studies. Url:  

2020: Article. Das Musikverbot in Afghanistan während der Herrschaft der Taliban und dessen Auswirkungen auf rezente musikalische Aktivitäten. In: Verbotene Musik. Tagungsbericht
Hildesheim 2018 der Kommission zur Erforschung musikalischer
Volkskulturen in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde e.V. Freie
. Hrsg. Heidi Christ, Merle Greiser, Christoph Meinel und
Nepomuk Riva. Uffenheim: Forschungsstelle für fränkische Volksmusik 2020
(= Veröffentlichungsreihe der Forschungsstelle für fränkische Volksmusik 77); ISBN 978-3-925170-46-1

2017: Article. Intercultural transformation of spiritual consciousness by the practise of Indian classical percussion music. In: Spirituality of a Personality: Methodology, Theory, and Practice, Collection of Research Materials, Issue 3(78), 84-93. Kyiv-Severodonetsk (UKR): Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University.

2016: Article. Talas in the Kutiyattam. In: Nartanam. A Quarterly Journal of Indian Dance.Vol.XVI No.3, July-September 2016, 195-209. Hyderabad (IN): Sahrdaya Arts Trust. ISSN 2455-7250 /wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2023/03/Talas_in_the_Kutiyattam.pdf

2013: Monograph. Percussion Art Forms: Aspects of Production and Communication of South Indian Talas in the Kutiyattam. Vienna: LIT Verlag. ISBN 978-3-643-50501-9

Publications Non-Peer Reviewed

2012: Article. The universe is dancing.  In The Music Almanac of the Wiener Konzerthaus RESONANZEN. DREAM TRAVEL. December 2012, IMFG 1030 Vienna.

2009: Book review. Nothing happening in Punnapra by Sylvie Bantle, Shaker Media Aachen 2008. Review published in AB 40, JOURNAL OF, FOR, ON WOMEN, April, May, June 2009, 40+ Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH, 80753 Munich, also appeared in the online magazine THE SCORPION no. 6/2009 (

2006 Article. A rhythmic way to Hinduism. In CAUSE & EFFECT Dez.2006, JG 15, 1020 Vienna

2006: Book review. FE / male drums. Gender discourses on the example of drums in Havana by Lucia Mennel, Peter Lang Publishing; Review published in SÜDWIND Magazine no. 5, May 2006, Südwindagentur 1080 Vienna

2004: Publication of the paper „Shacti shakes Shac Shacs for Shango“ at the University of Tübingen (D) as part of a symposium Ethnological Revitalizing a ritual in the associated reader, Tübingen

1991: Article. Kriwanek (building name by Karin Bindu), Karin and Rappold, Sonja. The living knowledge of Adivasi women. The recovery of the feminine principle, S 123-131. In Deforestation and resistance. Global and Austrian aspects. Editor: Global 2000 / ÖIE Austrian Information Service for Development Policy. Vienna 1991: WCT Publisher